Looking for a laptop (school/games)

Before I start, thanks for any help you can offer me.
So lets get started. I am going into university, and I am looking for a new laptop. So mostly will be used for school, so it cannot be too heavy, as I will be carrying it around, and will also need a reasonable battery life (3+ hours?). On the side, I would also like to be able to play games like starcraft 2 on med settings.

Budget: $650 +/- 100 USD
Size: probably looking at 15.6 in ones, but smaller is alright.
screen rez: id like 1600:900 (but if that drains the battery too much, i rather have lower)
Battery life: 3+ hours of practical moderate use (not theoretical)
Games: SC2 on med settings
Storage: 500 gb is probably enough for me.
How long i want to keep: Ideally, i want to be able to keep the same laptop for 4 years, as to finish my bachelor's.
Location: I live in Vancouver, Canada if that makes a difference.
Additional info: Im planning on taking applied science, if that makes a differences.

Once again, thanks for the help.
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