How to recover data after installing window two times

how can i recover the lost data by crashing hard disk ,and after installing window 2 times
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  1. Crashed, and overwritten...twice...!

    Chances of data recovery at this point are slim. I am afraid you will only get a small amount back in a complete format.

    Do not use the drive any more, do not boot from it, re-install anything to it or even plug it in, get a professional to help scan the drive with recovery software in-case any files are still left intact.

    (When you re-installed windows ... twice you have essentially overwritten the existing files on the Disk some files may still be intact, but chances are they will be few in-between with most being over written for the 2 re-installs)
  2. just get your data from the backup you should have

    basic recovery software can read from the areas that have not been over-written (if you did a quick format and not too much "area" was used afterward)

    "recuva" is free but never tried it myself

    just remember the golden rule - DONT use the drive you want the data from FOR the recovery process - take the drive out and use another pc to recover the data
  3. now which software do you think i ca use to recover my data?
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