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Down Grade T-Bird 1.333

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October 10, 2001 3:38:14 PM

Between the heat buildup within this cpu, fan noise and
vibration of the heatsink and fan I am about to give up.
Am on third HS and fan set.

Is it a big deal to go to a slower and cooler AMD processor?

If not what would be the recommended AMD processor and
heatsink combo for me to go to?

Maybe a AMD 1000?

Machine stats below signature.

Please advise.

ANTEC Case SX 840 with five (5) 80mm ¡§Silent¡¨ fans
Three (3) intakes in Lower Front (1 for Hard Drive cooling) & two (2) Exhaust
In upper rear.

ANTEC PP352X ATX 350 Watt Power Supply with two (2) exhaust fans

AMD-K6-2/266 1.333Ghz/266Mhz FSB Socket A CPU

ANTEC Heat Sink w/ Aluminum Radial Fins wrapped around copper rod 29mm dia. & 34mm high. Has a 60mm X 15mm ball bearing fan rated at 5K rpm with a 24.1 CFM output. Arctic Silver II used as thermal compound.

ASUS A7M266 Socket A Motherboard with Bios flash am26104a
ASUS Probe (latest) version
„hSupport for 1.4Ghz Duron/Athlon
„hDual Ultra 100 controller
„hUp to 2GB of PC-2100 266Mhz DDR SDRAM
„h200/266Mhz Front Side Bus
„hSupport for 4X AGP Pro Video Cards

KINGSTON 512MB of PC-2100 266Mhz DDR SDRAM (two 256MB sticks)

IBM 40GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive
IBM 15GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive

ASUS V8200 Pure GForce 3 64MB DDR4X AGP Video Card
Cyclone Blower below the GForce 3 card

CREATIVE LABS SoundBlaster Live value Sound Card

KINGSTON Fast Ethernet Card LNE 100 TX



EPSON 1200U Scanner

EPSON 800 Color Printer

Probe & CPU Temperature results:
Ambient Temp. 28 C / 82 F

CPU Temp. 47 C / 116 F

Motherboard Temp. 31 C / 87 F

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October 10, 2001 3:48:47 PM

What other HSFs have you used?

Asus Probe gives very bad temperature readings, BTW. Get Motherboard Monitor 5.

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October 10, 2001 6:08:48 PM

Um.... vibration of heatsink? That doesn't sound right....

And it doesn't look like a Delta screamer on there... are you just really sensitive to sound? What you may want to consider is doing some sound damping in your case :D 

There are places that will offer enough sound absorbing material to cover the entire inside of your case for a mere 30 bucks. Some people have reported reductions from 6 to 12 decibels, which can make all the difference in the world. I've been 'on the verge' of doing it for months now... the only thing holding me back was that I thought I was going to be going to watercooling sooner just for the peace and quiet. But I may go ahead and do it anyway now... I'll have to if I don't get rid of that Delta.

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October 10, 2001 9:09:48 PM

Okay, I place my finger very gently upon the fan housing for the heat sink and there is vibration, felt the top of my case (outside) and it vibrates with the same frequency.

Touching the MB and the vibration is also there.

Un-pluged all fans except the CPU and Power supply. Vibration remains. Gently slowed the HS fan with my finger to slow it and vibration stops.

This is the 2nd HS and fan from Antec, The first Antec HS & Fan had a 7K fan that did scream. :) 

Did try the MBM program and it gave exact same readings as my recently down loaded (latest version)ASUS monitor. So removed the MBM program.


The old boy may down,but, surely not out :) 
October 10, 2001 9:17:18 PM

<A HREF="" target="_new">WATERCOOLING!!!</A>

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October 10, 2001 9:22:13 PM

Of course there will be some vibration. Mine is a nice foot massager:)  joking.

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