P3 733 vs P3 1gig

Is there a difference in how these processors use cache memory? A friends systems works better (faster and resource wise)with the 733. He uses a processor intensive recording/mixing program.
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  1. Did you buy that rockin fast dell with the m64 32 meg 4X AGP!@!!!! graphics?

    It's ok dude, youre gettin a dell.

    Seriously though, performance of a system is more than just the cpu under the hood, it is the total sum of the parts, find out what he has thats better than what you have and theres your answer. A p4@2ghz with 32 megs of sdram will be eaten alive by a p2 333 with 512 megs of sdram.

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  2. We replaced his P3 733 128mg with P3 1Gig 768 mg. The 733 runs much better.
  3. What about the other components? Was it a stright processor swap and memory upgrade, or a whole new PC/mobo?

    As was said, there is a lot to a PC.

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  4. Could be a lot of things, from memory settings to chipset to additional software (a lot of full time programs such as virus scans and instant messangers can slow down a system).

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  5. Is he running Windows 98SE? It seems to have issues running more than 512MB of RAM. There are some instructions on Microsoft's website on how to tweak it, but I would recommend a move to Windows 2000.


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  6. How it come? Does it mean really from what I can read in CFWDGAFSR's post that they just replaced the only processor and added RAM, leaving the rest intact?
    Is it possible that there is something else involved when you replace just a processor (BIOS update, memory timing changed, cache disabled [sorry for that, just guessing], an adapter board issue if any, etc.)?
    What about in order to troubleshoot the problem let the P3 1Gig to run with only 128 MB of RAM,
    vc. putting the P3 733 MGz back but with 768 MB of RAM?
    Sort of an easy test to see what happens.
  7. I never thought about the 512MB issue, I kind of figured anyone with that much RAM knows about it and wouldn't do it in Win98/SE/ME. So I had to assume that the whole system was replaced.

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