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Future upgrade to AthlonXP, need mobo info

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October 11, 2001 11:54:45 PM

In December I plan to change the PC to an AthlonXP 1600+, and since I've seen awesome results by the KT266A, I wonder what mobos can I buy or will I be able to get soon, for the XP to run very well, at a lower cost than current KT266A mobos? Or what are the mobos that can run XP without problems, and that have a decent chipset other than plain KT266 which we all know fared badly?

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October 12, 2001 4:44:56 AM

The hr7 raid from abit is coming very soon, it is the kt266a mobo I would reccomend....and am reccomending oddly.

Abit is always good for tweaking stability. Tad pricey though. If you are on a budget get a sis735 mobo, the ecs one is nice and only 62 bucks!

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October 12, 2001 5:03:14 PM

<font color=red>K</font color=red>R7, just so save confusion. Supposed to be out soon. Abit never puts anything but currently out products on their website.

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October 13, 2001 12:32:46 AM

What's their website? I tried but it was a mobo shopping site.
And is it a good priced mobo? I don't want anything over 230$ Canadian!
October 13, 2001 1:13:30 AM

Damn typos, yes kr7 sorry.

abits website is I believe.

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October 13, 2001 3:55:59 PM

I didn't find that mobo at their site. Only KG7. Is that one good? I mean can I rely on my technician to make one with XP, without problems? Since it has the AMD760 chipset, it seems decent. Also I want it to run Geforce 3 cards without probs, cuz some reported KG7RAID problems, may be related...
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October 13, 2001 5:09:14 PM

I know a couple people who have the ECS K7S5A and they say it is very stable and it will support the XP. The best thing about it is that it has and onboard LAN and sound and it is around 60 dollars. I plan on getting one soon.
October 13, 2001 5:13:04 PM

i have a kg7 raid and it love it. i also have an asus geforce 3. no problems. maybe the problems you heard about are solved with getting some updated drivers.

as for the kr7 not being on the abit website, as mentioned previously, abit seems to only put the boards they have already released on their site. kr7 has not been released yet :) 
October 13, 2001 5:15:34 PM

The KT266A mobos are coming out quick and fast...

<A HREF="" target="_new"> Gigabyte 7VTXH </A>

<A HREF="" target="_new"> Epox 8KHA+ </A>

<A HREF=" v2.0" target="_new"> MSI K7T266 Pro2 </A>

I would wait a week or two to see the comparison reports and have them get into stock. It's a great time to buy a mobo with nForce boards also coming out now.

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October 13, 2001 7:14:07 PM

Wow the Gigabyte one sounds good, but the problem is they all have integrated sound! Is there any way to get such without audio, which adds to the price and a rather less performing card? I want to have a SB Live 5.1 soon, so I don't want integrated audio that adds $$$. And do they have any pricing yet?
October 13, 2001 9:00:01 PM

Crystal Audio chips wholesale at US$1.25.

Motherboards are not any cheaper without integrated audio.

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October 13, 2001 11:33:13 PM

I recommend the shuttle ak31 version 3.1 with the kt266a chipset. Games run much faster, and I was able to get the memory to run at 152. Adjustments in the bios for cpu multiplier, voltage, fsb, and ddram voltage. No raid, but for $90, it's only a few dollars more than the K7S5A.
October 14, 2001 12:10:05 AM

What's the lastest news on the NForce boards? Any release dates or prices?

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October 14, 2001 2:02:13 AM

I have the ECS K7S5A and it is excellent.

Just my two cents...

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