Is Athlon XP = Athlon MP

I am considering to build a Dual Athlon machine. I am cofused about the difference between XP and MP Athlons. Is the Athlon XP identical with Athlon MP?
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  1. I would also really like to know this. Has anybody tried a couple in a K7. The A XP does have the same core, maby its like the celerons it will work most of the time but not all? Please & Thanks
  2. From what I've read, yes. But AMD test the MP's specifically to ensure they work in dual configs. They will replace an MP if it won't work with another. XP's aren't put through the extra testing and therefore AMD doesn't support using them in a dual configuration.

    They most likely will work. Some may not. They are the same core as each other though.

    XP seems to have better packaging. I'm gonna try for dual XP's.

  3. If you do try and it dosent work, promise you wont come to the boards with some AMD ripped me off post or something.

    Core design wise the xp and mp should be identical, but no one knows for sure.

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  4. Fear not, I have a little more sense than that :) Hmmm just have to find a decent board now> The Thunder looks good.. but I really don't need everything it has. The Ultra 160's would be good though :)
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