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GTA3 problems

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June 20, 2002 4:17:29 AM

i have a p3 800 with a geforce 2 gts 32mb card. and 256 mb of ram. above and beyond even the recomended req's for gta3, and yet the damn thing hickups. what can i do to resolve this?

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June 20, 2002 5:26:13 AM

Buy new stuff.

I also get slowdowns & friends with Geforce4Ti4600/XP1800 also experience it.

Rockstar Games probably made a poor convertion of the game.

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June 20, 2002 9:22:25 AM

I've heard that even on high end systems it can go slow and jitter. Apparently the game makers were in a rush to get it out that the programming wasn't the best, hence causing jitter problems in the game. I wouldn't bother upgrading ya comp.
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June 21, 2002 2:04:45 AM

but for my question on the other tread "GTA3!!!" plp was saying that they have 1 gig system with a GTS and the games runs very smooth.
June 21, 2002 3:51:22 AM

theres nothing wrong with the game that i can find. read the other gta thread.
June 21, 2002 4:00:07 AM

whats your system specs and what kind of frame rate are you getting?
June 21, 2002 5:11:49 AM

i have figured out the problem. all i ahd to do was enable DMA for my hard drive and the game ran great.

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June 26, 2002 3:35:46 AM

I just installed my Radeon 8500le and the game runs much smother at higher rez but now I have a new problem!

The fog looks totally different then with my geforce2MX. Now I can barely see past the hood. It is making the game almost unplayable. I am using the new catalyst drivers.

Thx in advanced.

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June 26, 2002 7:45:19 PM

You might want to try turning off the trails feature and the frame sync feature. If you still have problems lower the draw distance. After I adjusted those settings everything worked fine. My specs are:

1.4ghz (thunderbird) Athlon (266)
512MB PC2100