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I've just installed Windows 7 build 7600 on my computer. Everything runs fine except that every time I shutdown my computer it never turns the PSU off. The screen is black, but I still hear the PSU fan spinning. I have to hold down the power button to make it turn off.

I tried booting Damn Small Linux and shutdown. It was able to turn the PSU off.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. perhaps you have it set to hibernate or suspend instead of shutingdown
  2. I was sure that it was shutdown button that I pressed. I even typed "shutdown /s /t 0" into the command prompt and got the same result.
    The funny thing is sleep works fine and even stopped my PSU fan properly.
  3. I reinstalled the OS. Now everything works fine.
  4. hey i just got a new toshiba laptop with windows 7 os, i'm having the exact same problem as you, a black screen the psu fan still running and the green power lights stays on... the only difference is i cant get the laptop to turn all the way off by holding down the power button at that point. yesterday i just let the battery die and once back up reinstalled the os, everything seemed to be working fine, yet today i go to turn it on and it appears the same problem is occuring :pfff: :fou: its driving me mad :pt1cable: any suggestion?
  5. Hi,
    I have got windows 7 professional x64bit and it it doing the same. I thought it would be good to contact microsoft direct but they charge £46 just to talk to someone. I have checkd a lot of forums with this same problem but no one has really come up with a solution. Anyone here that has had this problem but solved it please tell us how to get out of it. Even though windows 7 is good compaired to xp, xp dosnt give me this problem which may mean I me switching back.
    :fou: :(
  6. It could be a problem with the ACPI ("Advanced Configuration and Power Interface") settings in the BIOS...
  7. check your date & time be sure it will be solved
  8. On the BIOS setup page, I changed "Enable USB Keyboard" and "Enable USB mouse" to DISABLE. They still work, but not when I boot onto DOS. To test, I went back and enabled the devices and voila, shutdown problems again. I use wireless Kb and mouse.
  9. Quote:
    On the BIOS setup page, I changed "Enable USB Keyboard" and "Enable USB mouse" to DISABLE. They still work, but not when I boot onto DOS. To test, I went back and enabled the devices and voila, shutdown problems again. I use wireless Kb and mouse.

    I am runing an HP 64 bit Pavilion desktop, the last two months or so, when I leave the machine it goes on screen saver and then screen goes black. You touch the spacebar or mouse and VOILA the screen comes back on, that is normal. The last week or so it won't come back on when you touch spacebar or mouse. I called Hp and I have a servicxe contract until August 2010, but i installed Windows 7 two months ago and now they won't support the HP desktop because it came with Vista and I changed to Windows 7 Ultimate. I disabled all the startup items in MS Config and it works sporatic now. Has anybody had that problem. As long as I am using the machine it works ok, but let it sit and I have to reboot to get it up and running again.
  10. i too have the same problerm but how can i reinstall the os plz tell me
  11. I reinstalled the OS. Now everything works fine.[/quotemsg

    I am having the same problem but i don,t know what is os and how to reinstall it plz tell me the way.
  12. having the same problem with my new Toshiba Protege r600. Shut down windows 7 ulimate shows the "shut down"screen for hours. The ony thing that works is pushing the power button for 7 seconds. I had a chat session with windows helpdesk. They told me is must be an anti virus product. I'm not running an anti virus program. Anny sugestions please.
  13. i do have the same problem and to add the above behaviors, after getting the black screen i wait for sometime and a blue screen is there.
  14. i have an HP pavilion with windows 7 home premium and i can successfully shutdown maybe 25% of the time. what usually happens is it will say i have an "update" and it will log off then say installing update 1 of 1 do not power off blah blah... and it takes about 5-10 minutes for this one update to install, and then takes about another 5-10 minutes to shut down. sometimes it is completely different in that it will not install an update, but it will take about 10-15 minutes to shut down... it should not take a quarter of an hour to power off... i don't know what it wrong... i keep thinking the problem is fixed when i go to class and at the end click shut down and it actually shuts down in less than 60 seconds... but obviously that is false hope that my piece of junk actually recovered. anybody that knows how to fix this problem please share. i don't want to throw my laptop out the window... but i am about to... :pfff:
  15. Working on a laptop here with the same problem,

    IntelCore 2 Duo P8600 @ 2.4
    4.0GB ddr2
    Quanta motherboard
    Intel PM45 Chipset
    ich9 m sbridge
    OS Win 7 64bit
    GPU nVidia FG 9300M gs
    x1 hd (300gb) (x2 Partitioned os 50gb / data 250gb)

    What I’ve done,
    Windows fully updated,
    All drivers fully updated,
    All un necessary programs removed
    All removed programs cleaned from the registry
    HD checked /f and defraged
    Memory scanned, no leaks, no background processes over running.
    Components temperatures are staying with in the safe zone not over heating.
    Power adapter is supplying the correct voltage of power,
    (Note) Problem occurs on battery without battery plugged in and plugged in with battery.
    ms config /start up, only the necessary items ticked everything else unticked.
    Services, have been configured so nothing un necessary is running auto.
    idle memory use averages 1gb and cpu usage idles at 1% / 2%

    So I’m totally lost, she is not over working, no memory leaks, no hw or software conflicts
    What the hell is the cause of this problem.
    If anybody has any ideas of what more i can do please please do let me know.
    Kind regards
  16. Hi yes i am having samew problem with my G74SX-BBK8, i use a timer to time how long my laptop to shut down and is exactly 5 minutes (not exactly exactly). tried everything anti-virus, registry clean, msconfig(trial and error) update video card. I hav not done updating bios or motherboard cause i don't know how. please help help. It's really bugging and annoying.

    Please help....
    Btw im using kaspersy 2012 anti-virus( i tried switching microsoft security essential to check if it's really anti-virus causing my problem and i found out that it wasn't the anti-virus)....

    I'm starting to think that it was the virus(tojan-don't know the exact name of trojan) that was detected by kaspersy anti-virus, but i know that it i caught and deleted the virus the minute my anti-virus react on that virus.
  17. Hi there,

    pepeniva, ghostscript and StupidLaptop this thread is 2 years old. So the best way to solve your issues, would be to start your very own new thread and go from there.
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