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Hey Everyone,

I am seeking some advice on finding some good software to help me troubleshoot. I need some type of software to run a hardware test and can determine what computer part needs to be replaced. I deal with a lot of computers and I hate guessing all the time on what is causing the issues. The software doesn't have to be free but if I have to buy it, then I rather know it works great!

Thank you :D
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  1. Here is a great thread just dealing with free software. You will find all kinds of handy stuff there.
  2. Thanks for the link anort3! I was trying to find a software that is bootable so I could troubleshoot if I have no windows. There are a lot software's that need you to install on windows.
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    Have you got Hiren's BootCD?
  4. anort3 said:
    Have you got Hiren's BootCD?

    Ah! Good fine! Thanks again!
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  6. Glad I could help.
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