OMG! Please help before I throw it out the window!!

i just bought an Acer Aspire 5253-Bz656 TODAY. Wanted more speed and ram. Was assured this was the answer to my prayers being as it has 4 GB Memory and AMD dual core processoe. LOL. I got home, removed from the box, plugged it in and turned on. Mcaffee software they have on there came up immediately to activate so I did. It is the slowest mind numbing computer I have EVer been on. I took back a 2 GB E MACHINE to get this and the computer before THAT had a virus and they BOTH ran better. HELP PLEASE!!!
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  1. You realize you bought a laptop with 1ghz low power netbook cpu right? It's likely your old laptop had a faster cpu.

    You don't get desktop performance at a netbook price.

    Didn't you try it out at the store before you bought it?

    If you don't like Mcafee, uninstall it and download microsoft security essentials for free....
  2. OMG! I think he had an epiphany.
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