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Noise less server/transportable

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October 12, 2001 11:42:52 AM

Hi all

I just wanted to share with you my most recent project. I wanted to build a noiseless/very low noise server, that had a very special look.

The server consist of the following components:

Via C3 800 mHz processer, ECS microATX MB with SIS 630S chipset (onboard lan, sound, graphics, the works), 512 mb PC133 ram, 40GB quantum lct20 drive and a PSU.

I must say i'm amased with this VIA processer. It runs nice and cool with only a thermaltake volcano 6cu and no fan. Since i only use this rig for a server (No heavy web serving, mostly ftp and stuff) the lower performance of the C3 part doesn't matter at all.

All this was glued into a old briefcase i had, and it now runs with no fans other than a 2 blowers (centrifugal fans) running at low voltage. They are of cousrse controlled by a rheostat.

I can tell you that this rig looks cool, is easy to transport and it is actually impossible to hear if it is turned on or not, unless you are in a COMPLETELY silent room.
The only way you can tell from the front or sides that is isn't a normal briefcase, is that there are a green LED on and a red one blinking, and 2 small switches are there as well (power and reset)


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October 15, 2001 4:56:45 AM

flame you?
whatever for??? :) 

you have a silent rig that does exactly what you want. congradulations.

i wish my rig was a little less noisy... and its not as bad as what it could be!
1x4600rpm 60mm HSF fan (fop32-1)
2x3400rpm 30dBa thermaltakes.

ever thought of getting a mid range p4 and removing the fan? :) 
thermal throttling be damned hehe

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October 15, 2001 6:00:07 AM

Cool, no pun intended!

Well, what do you actually use it for?

Be careful, nowadays people are likely to get nervous about briefcases with external connections and flashing LEDs....

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October 15, 2001 6:25:28 AM

Can you get in through airport security?

October 15, 2001 8:56:51 AM

Hihi .. I haden't even thought of it from that angle ..

I'm pretty certain it would be a rather bad idea to attempt to get it through airport security ...

I use it mainly as a FTP server.

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October 15, 2001 2:11:42 PM

>All this was glued into a old briefcase i had

ROFL !! A briefcase !! Good thinking.. how much easier could it be to transport !!

btw, Im investigating a comparable project: I want a set top box to act as DVD player, internet console (connected to my TV), gaming console, DivX server, MP3 player and occasional second PC. Here is what I am thinking of:

- nVidia Nforce board (for onboard 5.1 sound, graphics, & gaming video). It would be *very* nice if someone would make a microATX nForce board.. but I doubt anyone will :-(
Also, I'd need SVGA out. Will the nForce have this ?
- Wireless LAN (would need to be very small, so thinking PC Card perhaps or external ? PCI would be too high to my liking). Possibly a riser card with 90° angle to keep a low profile.
- DVD drive
- wireless keyboard with integrated trackball/touchpad
- Duron 1000@600 1.5v or something.. passive cooling only
- front USB ports
- hardisk, ram, ...etc.

THis would be a kind of X-box setup, but with all the functionalities of a normal PC (DivX, MP3, PC games, normal LAN). I'd probably configure a dual boot. Linux for divx, dvd, internet & co and Windows for games. I'd be quite a bit more expensive than an X-box though..

Anyone got any suggestions for a case ? Pizza box style, as small as possible, yet big enough to accomodate 1 external 5,25", an nForce board, and if possible with front panel USB ?

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