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I have a netbook with Windows 7. I tried installing Windows XP on it in an attempt to dual boot. The XP setup copied required files but failed to boot after that. The error shows " ntoskrnl.exe is missing". I tried installing XP once again using CD but still same result and windows doesn't boot. Now I don't have Windows 7 dvd and cannot repair the Windows 7 installation. But I do have a Linux Mint LiveUSB. How can I repair the situation using that? Please reply ASAP!!
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  1. Hello... my best success with Dual booting, is using two different drives... with an OS on each one. Which operating system do you want running agian? Do you have a product KEY sticker on your netbook?
  2. Yes, actually Win 7 was on a different drive than the one on which I tried to install Win XP. I want Win 7 running again. And the Win XP installation was incomplete. Yes I do have a Win 7 product key sticker on my netbook. Could you kindly help by telling what options I have?
  3. Hello... can you simply, un-hook the failed installed drive... and try re-booting first?
  4. I am talking about C and E drives on my hard disk. Can I even unhook them?
  5. Hello... please give the exact brand/model of what you are using... Do you have TWO physical hardrives? or ONE physical hardrive with TWO or More Logical partitons?
  6. ONE physical hardrive with 2 partitons. Win 7 was on C: and I tried installing XP on E:
  7. Hello... Well... ready to start a complete re-load of Windows 7? Do you have a 4 gig USB stick/drive? Dual booting from a single physical drive is how your problem was created.
  8. If reloading of Windows 7 will wipe out my C: then I can't do that. Then I need a way out by installing Linux or using the Live CD. If my data on C: will be intact then kindly tell me your procedure..
  9. Hello... I do not have that procedure... since you do not have, or made, a recovery Disk when the computer was new... I can get you re-booting with a fresh clean install... best of luck.
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    1st - Mostly likely you have corrupted the MBR, probably to the point of requiring you to reinstal Windws 7.
    2nd Had you used he Windows 7 back up (located in windows 7 control panel) you would have been able to fix your Windows 7 quickly (about 15 minutes) by just inserting your windows 7 installaion disk (or the "repair disk that you would have been prompted for after the backup image was completed) and selecting repair, then restore from image.
    3rd DO NOT recommend using windows 7 and xp off of the same HDD. You would have been better off removing the win7 HDD and instaling XP on a 2nd HDD. I know this requires swapping HDDs - I do it all the time.
    4th I do not think that XP has the proper drivers for Your Netbook, so would require Using the "F6" option to input newer divers.

    1) Boot to a linux disk and see if you can read your drive so that you can back up your data that yo generated - Windows and program files are toast.
    If you did NOT heed the warning about creating a restore disk, then
    2 Beg/barrow (DO NOT STEAL) a windows 7 installation disk and install windows 7. DO NOT enter the KEY when prompted. after installation enter YOUR key prior to activation.
    3 Only ather alternative to #2 above is to go to Netbook Manuf and Purchase a restore disk.
  11. Is there a way out using Linux or am I stuck?
  12. Might try the UBCD - don't leave home without!:
    Otherwise as my previous post implied, your probably hosed.
  13. RetiredChief said:
    Might try the UBCD - don't leave home without!:
    Otherwise as my previous post implied, your probably hosed.

    How UBCD will be useful? Kindly tell the procedure
  14. The correct way to set up a dual boot system is to install the OSs oldest to newest.
  15. If you look down you will find Boot management, then under that a entry for MBRtool. GOOGLE it.

    Didn't work look for anther that sounds promising, then google that one.
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  17. I had a similar problem when I removed my linux installation incorrectly which messed up the mbr. I was able to find a windows 7 repair file online and make it bootable via usb. I loaded the repair file and followed a few commands I found online and everything was back to normal soon enough. IMO windows XP is some weak sauce. It was awesome when it first came out but I don't think you could pay me to use xp again.
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