AMD PR System is just LAME

It surprises me how stupid the AMD marketing team is. They used to have PR system for their products before and gave it up. Now they are repeating the mistake.

I am not a CPU architecture expert, but I know each CPU has quite a lot of frequency synthesizers inside. All of them use “master clock” signal to generate additional clock signals (with different frequencies/phases) for various CPU modules.

If Athlon does MORE per clock cycle than P4, then all AMD has to do is to recalculate the coefficients for the additional synthesizers. Or (in plane English) put an additional frequency divider for master clock. In this case AthlonXP 1533 (which is PR 1800+ according to new silly naming) would actually run at 1800 MHz (or even 2 GHz) showing the same performance. And it will be competitive with Intel in both efficiency and “marketability”.

You think such trick is unfair? Well, who can prove me Intel is not doing that? P4 does LESS per clock cycle than P3
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  1. So you’re saying something like, they could run it on a 3ghz clock and only execute instructions every other tick. It could be called the high latency processor.

  2. Hence the difference between PIV's and Athlon's.

    One does more per clock cycle, but less clock cycles while the other does less per clock cycle, but more clock cycles.

    Software may or may not be designed better for one method or the other. Both will work, it's just their efficiency.
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