Athlon XP and AMD MP

Ok I plan on setting up a dual athlon system using the tyan tiger mp board. Now all I want are strait foward answers to the following questions:
-Does the Athlon XP work in SMP? If its a palomino core then it should be able to right?
-Since the MP chipset was devloped using regular athlons what is preventing us from using non-mp athlons in an athlon motherboard?
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  1. They should, but it is not supported. It doesn't always work, so if it doesn't, you're out of luck. AMD won't send you new ones to try (they will with MPs).

    The MP chipset was designed with normal Athlons? Why do you say it that way?

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  2. I remember reading that since there weren't any MP athlons at the time of the MP chipset devlopement phase they used regular athlons instead. I think I read it either here on Tom's page or Anand's page.
  3. They did. Had a lot of 760MP threads on the Linux kernel mailing lists using plain old T-birds.

    The AthlonMP 1.4GHz is out on pricewatch, and there are as yet unconfirmed rumors of an AthlonMP 1.8GHz part (GHz, not PR!) that are supposed to drop into NecX's stock on the 18th.

    UPDATE: NecX has apparently taken the part off their page. Oh well...


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