Any good Gaming laptops out there????

Hello there my motherboard in my PC is broke so for now i decided i want to get a laptop untill i get the time to install a new motherboard and get everything working again for that.

Problem is my brother paid £400 for his laptop i think was hp had 4gb ram looked very nice i think was a duel core cpu but couldnt even play halo 2 decently on low settings lags everywere awefull

Now im planning on paying £500 for mine and i want to play games ok like halo 2 command and conquer tiberium wars and maybe call off duty 4 pc exclusives realy nothing too demanding. on high without lag :-)

Can you reccomend a good laptop for me thanks :-D

Im from the UK and the only site i only buy stuff online from is and and street retailers pc world commet bestbuy ect

Appreciate any ansers guys

PS sorry for bad spelling and erors im not that good at spelling and reading

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  1. Unfortunately,with that budget,you can't find any gaming laptops
  2. Maziar said:
    Unfortunately,with that budget,you can't find any gaming laptops

    Oh ok i can up my budget to say from £500 to possibly £700 is that better i realy want to be able to play games on a laptop i heared alienware is good i just dont have 2 grand lol :-)
  3. You really better buy a desktop instead because the prices for gaming laptops in the UK are sky high.
    The least thing I recommend for gaming is the Kobalt GS150
    It's a bit out of your price range but it's worth it.
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