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Question for Raystonn or Kelledin on freq and heat

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October 13, 2001 9:32:32 PM

I went to school as a EE but that was a long time ago and I only ever had one field theroy class.

Why does a CPU generate more heat with a higher clock??

With a given CPU the voltage stays the same. Is the resistance going down and current going up? Can the question be answered with circuit theroy or do we gotta get into field theroy?

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October 13, 2001 9:44:59 PM

Every CPU uses a certain amount of current (amperes) per clock. The voltage remains the same. The current per clock remains the same. If you increase the number of clocks per second then you increase the amount of current used per second. Power (watts) is voltage multiplied by current. Thus, your power requirements per unit of time increase as you increase the clockspeed. Your power requirements are static (on average) on a per clock basis though.


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