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Question about backing up software and data win7

I have a older win7 desktop that has data files like email, pictures and stuff like that including software. I would like to transfer all those things to a newer win7 desktop. Does anybody know if win7 backup utility will let me do that. I am looking for something that will let me backup and transfer data and especially software so I don't have to reinstall. Please help if you can. Thanks! :D
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  1. "Windows Easy Transfer Wizard" It's built-in and is intended for exactly this scenario.
  2. So windows easy transfer wizard will back up my software so I don't have reinstall again? Just double checking.
  3. Software must be reinstalled.
  4. Do you know of any software that can transfer already installed software from old to new pc? Thanks for reply :-)
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    None can. Software MUST be reinstalled. No options.
  6. ok. Thank you for all the info.
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