How do i get xp version of freecell

I only want the xp version of free cell to my windows 7. nohing else
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  1. The info you need is located HERE .
  2. Transfer XP Freecell to Windows 7:

    If you have access to a Windows XP disc (or installation), copy the files FREECELL.EXE and CARDS.DLL from the \Windows\System32 folder (XP) to a new folder on Windows 7 (not 7's System32 folder!). If you want the helpfiles, too, copy FREECELL.CHM, *.CHW and *.HLP from the \Windows\Help folder (XP) and put them into your new FreeCell folder. Then create a shortcut to FREECELL.EXE (the XP one), and done.
  3. Me too, I copied XP version onto a stick and put on my Win 7 PC. WOrks a treat.
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