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i am confused why my left and right audio panel is not that producing good sound. what can be the possible solutions i may take to have a good effects audio?
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  1. What is the make/model # of your computer?

    You can use either CPU-Z or Speccy to take the guess work out for you.

    You can also go into Device Manager and make sure that your audio drivers are installed and not showing under the category "Other Devices". They should be listed under "Sound, video, and game controllers".
  2. Go into the control panel, and click on the sound icon. Make sure the correct speaker setup is selected. Then click on the test button. It will play a string of sounds. How does that sound?
  3. Most laptops just have cheap speakers that aren't capable of outputting loud/high quality sound.

    You should have looked into that before if it's an importance to you. My laptop (Y570, and a friend has a Y580) has great sound with the JBL speaker setup.
  4. you mean you are a task manager.ghanta
    okey bye .
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