I built my PC in the month of May last year, below is my PC configuration -

Processor : AMD A8 - 3870 APU with Radeon(tm)HD
Graphics 3.00 GHz

Motherboard : GIGABYTE (A55M-S2V)

RAM : 4.00 GB

HDD : 500 GB

And I am using Windows Ultimate (64 bit operating system). Since last couple of weeks I am getting a Blue Screen error and my PC would not respond until I hit the restart button. After doing research I came to know that it is a Graphic card issue so I installed the required drivers but to no avail. I am still facing this issue due to which I am not able to use or do anything on my PC. Please let me know if I need to do anything else. If I need to install the latest chip set kindly provide me the link.

Kindly assist.
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  1. If you were having a graphics card problem, maybe you're system's power requirements have exceeded the power supply's maximum wattage output. What is your power supply model (and maximum wattage)?
  2. Since I dont see a GPU can I assume that by the graphics card, you mean the A8? if not please post the type of graphics card and the actual BSOD code, if you still have it. I am sure that someone can help.
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