Athlon XP and AMD760 chipsets

How does the Athlon XP perform with the AMD chipsets like the AMD761 (single CPU) and AMD762 (Two CPU)?
I have an Epox 8K7A+ and I'm curious how much of a performance loss will I have running it on this mobo versus one with Via KT266a or Nvidia Nforce?
And also if athlon XP runs that much better with the newer chipsets is AMD going to release another chipset that matches the performance?
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  1. I don't know how it runs as a single CPU yet, but I can tell you that I have read in multiple articles that the XP has been SMP disabled so that it will not work in two cpu configurations. I guess AMD is trying to force the MP upon the multiprocessing market.

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  2. A couple of people have gotten the XP to work in an MP setup, but it's not supported by AMD. If it doesn't work, you're stuck with an extra CPU.

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  3. I'm just curious if the AMD chipset supports the Athlon XP and all its special features, or if I should wait for nForce or the new Via KT266a chipset over my Epox 8K7A+
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