C program for shapes to calculate area and volume using function overloading

how to calculate area and volume of shapes using function overloadig?
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    Missing lots of details here.

    What sort of shape?
    "Overloading" is a function of C++ not C

    for example if you want to get the volume of a cube:
    int cube_volume(int width, int height, int length){
        return width*height*length;
  2. hai .........
    i need area n volume for diff shapes.....
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  4. It is really quite easy. Just look up the area and volume formula of the shapes on google and perform the math is C or C++.

    Volume of pyramid is (Base * height) / 3
    Area of triangle is (base * 0.5) * height

    Area of rectangle is width*height

    Other shape formulas can be found easily and be implemented like above.

    C operators:

    C++ function overloading examples:

    Good luck.
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