Is Athlon XP SMP?

Will we be able to use the new 1800+ in a dual configuration with the Tyan boards (or others when they come out)? Has anyone done this yet? Thanks

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  1. The XP are not officially SMP capable, but AMD is releasing a 1800+ version of the MP today I believe.

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  2. yes, it was released, performs quite well in progs which run well on dual processors (98% increase over a single 1800+ XP in one case!!!) but for the likes of high resolution quake 3 and the like the single chip tends to exceed the performance of the MP

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  3. Where did you see that? I didn't think there were any reviews out yet.

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  5. The MP performs horribly compared to the XP in many cases! Go for a single processor system, b/c with the Tyan, any app that doesn't support multiple processors won't perform as well.

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  6. Flame that is pretty common in SMP systems. It really depends on your needs as to whether a duallie is right for you. Even if performance is *hit* in some apps, if those apps aren't being used on the system, the user won't notice it. BUT, the user will notice that that 3D rendering program works WAY fast!


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  7. try this web site it might help you
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