BSOD, NTFS drive, now can't see anything on it

My desktop machine has a 160GB hard drive, NTFS formatted, with Windows 7 installed. We have 4 user profiles.

Recently I got a BSOD and when I Googled the error code, it seems to be related to the NTFS file system.

I could no longer boot Windows, not even Safe Mode. I bought a USB caddy and put the 3.5" internal SATA drive into it and plugged it into a different Windows 7 machine, and it shows up only as a 40GB, empty, drive! I can copy files to and from this 40GB drive, but I cannot see the other, used, 120GB!

I plugged it into a Mac, and now I can see a drive called "Untitled", which shows in Mac's Finder as a 120GB NTFS drive, but I can't see this 40GB bit! Also, on the Mac, in the 120GB drive I can see the Windows structure from my old machine (Program Files, Windows, Users, etc).

I looked through all the Users folders to recover the My Documents folder (Users > Jane, Users > Scott, Users > Garry, Users > Colin).

As bad luck would have it though, the only folder I'm REALLY interested in recovering is Users > Colin > My Documents, and it's not there! All the other users have their My Documents folders intact, except Colin, which has no My Documents folder at all, yet when I had the machine up and running before the BSOD, I knew that folder has hundreds of files and docs in it!

Any ideas what's going on here? Thanks!
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  1. The drive at some point has failed, or has become corrupt.
    You can fix the Ntfs file system if the problem by doing a system repair through the windows 7 install dvd.
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