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DELL vs ALIENWARE !!!! Dilemma

Dell vs ALienware ?

I want to buy a laptop, budget is $2000

I narrowed it down to Dell Xps 15 and Alienware M14x ( for college ) heard IBM Lenovo was bad and Sony isn't worth the buck.

So the model's I configured had some similarities

Intel Sandy Bridge i7 2720QM
6GB DDR3 RAM 1600 MHZ I suppose
Bluetooth 3.0
750GB HDD 7200 RPM

Differences were

Dell had GT 525M 1 GB and ALienware had 1.5 GT 555M
ALienware had Intel® Wireless-N WiFi Link 1000 a/g/n 1x2 and Dell had Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000
Alienware had 1600*900P resolution and Dell had 1920*1080P and also is 15.6 inchs

ALienware has 8 cell battery and Dell has 9 cell battery and I have come to heard Dell XPS has a very good battery life ( like atleast 5-6 hours easy ) whereas Alienware has only maximum of 4.5 hours.

Both round up to around $1700.

It will be used for my university and I will occasionally play games like Crysis 2 and what not. Battery life is important to me so I can atleast go by with 3-4 hours of class time with light browsing and notes taking.

If you were me which one will you choose ? Please also tell me if their customer service is good ? I read online that if your laptop breaks more then 3 times Alienware replaces it ? Is that true ?

Also heard good things about Asus but whenever I go to their website I can't seem to figure out how to customize a laptop and how to order it ??

BTW I live in Canada

ANy other suggestion would be appreciated too.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. 555M is significantly faster than 525M,so definitely go with M14x
  2. Also, Dell owns Alienware so support is the same for both (important for support during the warranty period. I concur with the Alienware selection. Nice machines and look cool as well.
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    I would go with the Alienware because of the 555M
    Sure the resolution is lower but i doubt you will notice a difference and the lower resolution will actually help you to get better frame per second in games! : )
  4. Hi, Thanks for the responses I'd go with the Alienware then.
  5. or go there to customize asus. I haven't bought from either but they are easy sites to work with.
  6. If those are your choices then go with the Alienware. Since Alienware is owned by Dell they have the same support (or lack thereof) so that's not a factor here. It's up to you.
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