Athlon XP, Daul processor?

Since the new athlon xp core is based on or is the same as the athlon mp's core, is it posible to use the xp's in a daul processor setup instead of the mp's????? Thanks to anyone who can aswer..
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  1. Similr post just below u.... the MP 1800+ just came out. And there are slight differences in the way things are done between the MP and XP series- one is more optimized for dualie system.

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  3. OOOKKKK, is it just me or you are the one getting all shitty?? He simply suggested you getting the MP instead because it's more optimized for dual processor set up. I don't sense any form of animosity from his post.
  4. WTF?? That's why they have the search boards right above the edit profile. What's with the attitude? We've already answered that question 30 times over. If anyone should be pissed it's us.

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  9. Give him a break guys, a stick that big can't be easy to remove.

    Serious question though: It is apparant there are differences between XP and MP besides just the name, I am wondering if those differences are worth the $150 price increase. Any thoughts or any ideas on what the actual differences are?
  10. Where are you getting your prices? I'm looking for prices on the new MP's but haven't been able to find any....not that I've looked anywhere but pricewatch.....but any ways where are you getting your prices?

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  11. Search pricewatch/CPU for Athlon MP 1800 and you will find:

    Athlon MP 1800, lowest price: $295, yesterday it was $339

    Athlon XP 1800, lowest price $211
  12. I wasn't able to find them at pricewatch when I posted that but I did find them at tom's price grabbing thing-a-ma-jig.

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