Help with upgrading Comapq PIII 450

I have a Compaq 5725 with a PIII 450 cpu w/ 100 mhz fsb. Does anyone know if I can upgrade the cpu to either an 800/850/1000 mhz PIII without any problems? I have read conflicting reports and want to get it right! Also, any suggestions as to which processor would be preferable? the 850 seems to ba available at the best price...
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  1. First of all find out what the chipset is. It would be much better to use a 133MHz FSB processor, performance wise, if it would work.

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  2. Check also whether your RAMs can handle 133MHz FSB. Most of brand computers use 100Mhz rated RAMs if they set FSB to 100MHz.

    And, check your power supply as well. If its a crappy 125W, you might have to change that as well. It happened to me. After upgrading from Celeron 333 to P3 733, the comp didn't boot-up. I replaced the supply with 235W one and its back on business again.

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