Pent II 350 Slot I upgrade need help

Hello, just found this site and board and I hope those here can help me. I have tried to do some research to present this the best I can. I have a PentII 350 with 100mhzFSB Slot 1. I want to upgrade my processor the cheapest/easiest way I can. From what I gather in my searches it seems like a PentIII Slot1 with 100FSB is what I
need? I am thinking a 500-800 cpu upgrade depending on cost, thought I might be able to get one off EB*Y?
Questions--Can I just remove the old processor and put in the new one?Does the voltage requirement have to be the same? ( Some of the newer chips are 1.60/5 volts) What is SECC2? Some chips I have seen have SECC2 listed Is this compatible? Any advice/tips on actual installation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It depends on your motherboard. If you bought it from a dealer like Gateway or Dell, check their forums.

    Dell for example can be upgraded to a PIII 1Ghz Secc2. The Secc2 is just the slot type. All that needs to be done is a bios upgrade to make the motherboard recognize the PIII.

    I have to admit that this is pretty simple, and I almost did it myself. However, the prices for components are so cheap today that you could do a much better upgrade for your money. It depends on what you want though. Keep in mind you might want an EIDE100 interface instead of the 33 you've got, and you might want a faster motherboard overall. Faster memory is a nice bonus as well...

    A powersupply, motherboard, memory, and cpu wouldn't cost that much more than the PIII cpu if you buy something like a ECS board and a Duron. You're looking at spending $130 just for an 800 Mhz PIII vs a Duron 800 for $35. Do the math and take the right upgrade path.

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  2. 100 Mhz FSB, u better go for Celeron.

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  3. Depending on your motherboard, you may be able to support Coppermine processors (Celeron II or PIII). This gives you the option of quite a few. I would recommend to go cheap-the Celeron 850 performs about the same as a PIII 650 at about half the cost.

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