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October 16, 2001 10:26:52 PM

All of these questions deal in some way with teh CPU I guess, and I'm trying to get answers without having to post in 3 diff forums, so I'll give it a shot.

1)When are teh AMD MP 1800+'s slated for release, and how much more or less are tehy going to sell for compared to the AMD XP 1800's?

2)What are the general performance differences between the XP 1800+ and the MP 1800+, not counting duel proc support? Does the XP blow the MP away in single proc benches, or are they about equal??

3)What would be the best manufacturer or overall motherboard for AMD XP/MP DDR RAM systems? Onboard graphics and sound don't matter, because I'm planning on getting a GeForce 3 and Audigy eX.

4)Let me throw in this question now that I'm on it. Is it recommended to get onboard sound and graphics on a mobo, even when you're getting top of the line sound and graphics cards? If so, why??

5)Finally, can I get some info on the new memory type supposedly coming out soon? (DDR333 I THINK). Like for instance, is it supposed to be compatable with AMD systems, or is it a replacement for RDRAM??

Sorry if these questions have been posted, & thanks for the help I get.

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October 16, 2001 10:41:03 PM

1) Very soon, they should appear on PriceWatch within a couple of weeks. My guess is that they'll be about 25-50% more than the XPs.

2) The XP maintains a healthy lead in single benches, but of course two MPs beats a single XP by quite a bit in dually benches.

3) I love Abit, and Asus is right up there with them. Tyan makes the only Athlon MP boards on the market at the moment (that I've seen, at least).

4) I wouldn't recommend it, but it's handy. If your video card dies, you want to be able to use your computer at least a little (no games), until you can RMA it. Same with sound, of course. Some people look for that, I don't.

5) DDR333/PC2700 is currently only supported in the SiS 645 chipset for Pentium 4. Via also plans to support it. The SiS 645 isn't out yet, though. You can basically forget about DDR333/PC2700.

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a b à CPUs
October 16, 2001 11:06:11 PM

Thanks for your responses fatburger, they were exactly what I was looking for!
October 16, 2001 11:06:23 PM

1) its already out, some sites already sell it doesnt cost much more

2) its a bit worse than the xp as a single cpu

3) dont know about manufacturer but go for anything based on the kt266a chipset

4) dont bother with onboard sound/graphics (only to be used as a backup)

5) 333mhz ddr is out there, i think samsung makes it, some people overclocking their XPs run pc2400 (300mhz) ddr at very high speeds (368mhz)

if in doubt blame microsoft...