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Heya all I am just an average joe gamer comp user... and all was well with my lowly PII 450, but now I am in need of a new comp. I'm afraid my head is going to explode, if I don't figure something out soon. I don't have the knowledge to put something together myself, nor the desire.

I want a system geared towards HEAVY gaming. (Too bad they don't have intravenous Coca-Cola dispensers yet)

I was all set to get a Dell, but then they changed the pricing today, and it was the second time they did that to me from one day to the next...

Dell P4 1.7 GHZ (Over 1800$)
64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 Graphics Card with DVI

So I started looking around again, and called Compaq--the guy there told me about the new AMD XP chips, so I started digging.

Compaq AMD Athlon™ XP Processor Model 1800 - 1.53GHz (around 1300$)
512MB PC2100 (2 DIMMs) DDR SDRAM
64MB SDR nVidia GeForce2 MX-200 with TV-Out

The 2 systems are almost the exactly same cept for what is noted above.
I'd like opinions on comparing the above items, am I getting what I pay for, or is the Compaq just a better bargain?

1. The Graphic Cards--is there that much of a difference?

2. I know the P4 RDRAM runs at 800mhz bus, and the AMD XP DDR SDRAM runs at 266mhz bus-- I'm stuck on how big a difference this will turn out to be.

3. I read the AMD 1800 will run about the same as the P41.7GHZ, if not faster...

Edit since my earlier post disappeared... I think the AMD XP is definetly the way to go,and now I have been given advice to have a local shop make one for me, so can anyone recommend one in the SF Bay Area? (I;'d orobably just the the Compaq at this point, but I can't upgrade the graphic card---and I want a better one!

TIA for your replies
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  1. If you buy the Compaq, toss the video card quickly out a 10-sotry high window before you chnage your mine. It underperforms a 3 year old TNT2 card, do to it's purposely degraded 64-bit memory bus (the TNT2 has a 128MB memory bus).
    So the Dell has a better video card, but you can always get a good new one for around $100 and up. In fact you may have an upgrade option.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. May I suggest a simple alternative just in case you haven't considered it:

    Either build your own or find someone who can. I'm sure you have a neighbor, relative, or local shop who can do a great job. You'll save a lot of money.

    However, if you do choose to use a vendor, I can definitely recommend Dell for the average Joe. My family has bought a laptop and a PC from there and it's been fine. They cut corners just like the rest of the industry, but the average Joe won't notice.

    My problem with your Dell order is the P4. You're paying more for a product that is outperformed by the competition. Stick to AMD for now.

    If you go with Compaq, get another video card. Why in the world they sell that awesome machine with that card is beyond me. The card that comes with the Dell is good though.

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  3. I just noticed your edit. Good call.

    Where in the SF bay first of all?

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  4. Here you go if you want a serious gamming machine that is in your price range then try this out for site. It is from alienware
  5. Alienware is a no-no on this forum. ToeJam31 as well as guptasa1 more recently can give you plenty of reasons.

    Go to the "Opinions and Experiences - Computer Shops" and start reading up on what people think of Alienware.

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  6. Thanks to all who replied...all this buying a computer hopefully will get easier in the future, I don't go into the car dealership, and have to be an expert on every detail of the car...

    I did actually look at Alienware, and they seemed quite expensive... I think I will check out a couple of local stores in the City.

    If I got the Compaq, I wonder if I can dump the Video Card into my old PII 450? and Get a GE3?
  7. The compaq is a better system save for the cideocard, see if compaq will let you upgrade it.

    I think building your own is easier and cheaper and more fun, just do a tad of research on the web and then order the stuff all online, go with a gf3 or radeon8500 for video. I would reccoment a kg7 lite mobo and an athlon xp processor. Good gaming to be found there. Dont get a p4 unless its the 2ghz version, and even then only if you REALLY want intel.

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  8. Quote:
    even then only if you REALLY want intel.

    Now why would you say that. Intel chipsets are stable and they can be had for somewhat cheap, if you find a deal. I would stay away from intel strictly. I would rather go with AMD. But I wouldn't advise anyone to just stay away from intel. You get your moneys worth at intel. It's just that you have to pay for the name. And is intel has two more letters than AMD you have to pay twice as much on average. Unless you can find a good deal.

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  9. Aren't Compaqs still highly proprietary computers?
  10. No, I wouldn't say highly.

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