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It's been difficult trying to find the sureist way to upgrade my processor from a Pentium III 533Mhz to a faster processor. Since my board has a slot 1 connector, ideally, I wanted to find a processor preferably 933Mhz or greater that would use slot 1, and boxed in the retail format so I would have the heatsink and fan included as well as the 3 year warranty. Since Intel is phasing Pentium III's out, the 933Mhz (133 bus) is extremely hard to find. Pentium III 1Ghz (133 bus) are a little more pricey and from what I understand, the performance is neglible compared to a 933. I may have to concede and buy the 1 Ghz. The last option would be to buy a processor in the flipchip version, and then purchase a slocket adapter which is a guessing game at best. There is no guarantee that the processor in a socket 370 format would adapt using the slocket with . Nobody I've talked to is really sure. Anybody out there have any suggestions on which route to take. I've been hitting deadends lately.
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  1. What motherboard do you have? More info is needed.
  2. here is the best and cheapest place to go and find any computer part need they have pIII 933 for 149 new with warranty
  3. Paying 149 for a 933 may be a good idea if you have to stay intel, I present a different solution.

    You can have a sis735 mobo(ecs) and a tbird 1ghz for 130$ add to that a new heatsink and you will have a much faster system for less.

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  4. dont forget that other options also increase performance...

    more ram, new 7200rpm hard drive, new graphics. :)

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  5. Don't forget if he goes the AMD route he will most likely need a new powersupply.

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  6. There are always people in this same situation. The best route to go is to buy a new motherboard, memory, cpu, heatsink/fan, and possibly powersupply. If you go that route you can upgrade your hard drive as well and you have a brand new computer for a hundred and something dollars more than just an Intel processor switch.

    ECS Sis 735 MB: $62
    Crucial PC2100 256 MB: $31
    CPU (AMD T-Bird 1 Ghz): $75
    HSF: $15

    Power Supply: $50
    40 GB EIDE100 IBM HD: $99

    And that will give you performance increase unmatched by the CPU replacement you were considering. For all I know you don't even need a powersupply or a hard drive, so that's just another bonus.

    For simplicity thought the CPU swap is the way to go, but it won't do as much for your performance as you might hope.

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  7. I have not had any problems running a slotket. You might be able to get a PIII 700 and run it at 933, it's almost a sure bet if you can controll the core voltage.

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  8. What BX motherboard do you have? You may be able to throw in celeron 1.2 GHz tualatin using an adapter and overclock like crazy. The tualatin celeron easily outperforms the PIII.
    They arent on the retail market yet but there should be plenty of them soon and I would wager that they'll be a lot less expensive then the 1Ghz PIII.
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