Win7 install loop problem

I am trying to install windows 7 64bit on my compaq presario a900 laptop.
It originally had vista home basic running.
I removed the hard drive, plugged it into another computer where I made the whole drive 'unallocated space'. I've then formatted it as NTFS.
so, basically we are looking at a completely clean hard drive.
I return the hard drive to my laptop.
I then boot from DVD and start the windows installation process.
the screen tells me 'windows is loading files.'
I then get the windows animated logo come floating in.
the logo 'pulses' for a while (as is normal), then the screen goes black with a white mouse pointer.
At this point the whole system reboots and the process starts again.
Endless loop!

I've just tried installing Windows 8 as well.
Same loop.
I get to this install stage where the balls are looping and then the system restarts.
The next stage should be where it asks about keyboard, language, country etc and then which hard drive you want to install to.
Doesn't happen. Just reboots into the loop again.

also set the bios back to default.
I did forget to mention that in the past I have had Windows 7 64bit running on it, I just wanted to go for a completely clean install.

Windows 7 32bit doing exactly the same.

run a hard drive test and a ram test in bios. All clear.

I'm more than a little confused at this point!
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  1. "I did forget to mention that in the past I have had Windows 7 64bit running on it"

    If it's a Windows 7 upgrade disc, you probably did an upgrade install from Windows Vista when it installed okay last time.

    Now the Windows 7 upgrade disc is looking for Windows Vista and it isn't there anymore because you wiped the hard drive.

    You need a Full Version (Non-upgrade) Windows 7 disc to install it now.
  2. I don't think that's the issue. You can do a full install to an empty drive from upgrade media:

    Could try putting it back the PC and making all the space unallocated again or reseating the drive. If you do put it back the PC, run a thorough disk check on it.
  3. made the HD space unallocated and replaced into the laptop.
    unfortunately made no difference. exact same problem.

    I'm beginning to think there is some internal hardware problem.
  4. Oh, the last time I installed win7 on it, it was a clean install, not an upgrade. So I think that not the problem.
    May have to bite the bullet and get a new laptop.
  5. Yikes. That model doesn't look quite five years old yet. But, mine is five and runs like a dog, so maybe this is as good an excuse as any :)
  6. Try removing the partition (let the install make the partition if it gets that far). You could also try reseting the BIOS.
  7. I think you are right, J_E_D_70. I've had enough.
  8. Pre-congrats on your new laptop.
  9. thanks. don't think it'll be a compaq
  10. My Toshiba survived two deployments to the sandbox and general beatings so I'm a fan of their durability. Not a big fan of their lack of driver support (they're slow to react to problems or adapting to a new OS). Probably happens with a lot of manufacturers tho.
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