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what are you guys using to reduce your cookies? I sure get tired of saying no. I know there are some that will let you say no once to a site and thats that.

You Dont Want To Be The Last to Know Anything.
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  1. for home computeing I just allow all cookies to pass thru.
    although I do use a proxy server in another country than that which I live in.
  2. cookies are dangerous!!!! there are many companies that gather info from cookies. they track your ip and your age, name, race, etc... they make a profile of you and sell that info to retail companies. even some big name companies use these profiles to check up on you. they know what you downloaded, what sites you go to, and how many times and how often you visit those sites.
    they keep track of the things you buy online and they profile your favorite types of porn, food, cloths, computer...etc. and this is very much legal. if you want to stop them from doing this, turn off you cookies for ie or netscape.
    the fu*king 666 prophecy is happening as we speak and read this. sure we don't have 666 stamped on our forheads, but without us knowing, this is happening. huge databases of our so called "personality" is being gathered and stored. we are stamped/labeled as such and such. humans have evolved to amount to a mere statistic. i say Fu*k the establishment, fu*k civilization and lets live free. Free from the prying eyes of the government and big established, and monopolizing companies.
    how intruding is it to know that "they" know that you like bondage or upskirt porns. they might even find out that you are a closet homesexual because of your passion for gay pron. WTF is this world coming to? wtf is going on? who the fu*k are they to label us and judge us? fu*k 'em all!!

    so turn off your cookies.

    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  3. Wooaahhh dude, Its not paranoia when you know the bastards are after you, LOL
  4. You can just delete your cookies every couple of days or so. Or you can use Tweak UI to do it for you every time you start up your computer.

    That is, if you are that worried about it.
  5. Perhaps you people missed the point. Im very aware of all of the paranoia surrounding cookies. (By the way get a f**king grip) I currently use a program from called the cookie viewer (great prog)
    where I can see the cookie, find its owner and selectivly delete the cookie instead of globally deleting all of them. Some of them are rather handy for passwords and for keeping my place when looking at many things. I know that there are programs that will let you decide if a site is allowed to leave a cookie and always let the site have access to that cookie while at the same time if I tell it not to accept a cookie from a site it will not ask me again if I change the page.
    I dont need a civics lesson or any paranoid prophecys, just a little guidence to the site that contains a applet to quash the cookies.

    You Dont Want To Be The Last to Know Anything.
  6. okey dickhead. obviously you didn't get the joke. if you spend enough time here in the forum, you'd understand that people do joke and make light of things to make the forum more interesting. you get the fu*king grip in reality and come back down to earth. ever hear of mundane, down to earth humor bitch. don't take things too seriously.
    as for your question, there are many cookie management software. look for it on any search engine.
    look for cookie crusher, cookie jar, kookaburra software.
    i think the cookie crusher works very well. i run that at work for the employees.


    If you can't beat 'em kill 'em
    athlon "SLOTA" thunderbird 700@1050mhz
  7. Yeah Yeah Yeah I appreciate humor more than most people. When I see some I always laugh> As a matter of fact I could use a good laugh right now. Maybe If I keep looking I find one. That is other than the fact that I am laughing at the pity I feel for you. A little defensive are we?
    Ater reading through your second bit of diatribe I found that you gave the answers that I wanted and I thank you for that, but I cant help but fell that you need to maybe get out a bit more and not take things so seriously.
    Heres a hobby for ya Next time you wipe your arse, and if you time it just right Look down between your legs and you can see your image looking back at you.

    You Dont Want To Be The Last to Know Anything.
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