Athlon MP / XP in Dual Configurations.

Has anyone actually gotten a Tyan K7 Thunder/Tiger MP Motherboard to recognize Dual Athlon XP processor configurations properly?

I've read the past 2 threads discussing this issue and I've only seen theory suggesting it should work. I realize they're both based on the same core and they both have suddle differences. I've also read that AMD is reserving the right to disable MP capabilities in nonMP processors even though the K7, Thunderbird, Morgan, and Palimino cores which all Athlon/Duron chips run on support MP capabilities. So I want to know if anyone has actually used an Athlon XP processor in a Dual configuration successfully.

My appoligies if some has actually already directly addressed this issue but this forum crawls (I'm on a T1 so I doubt its my connection) and I've only had the patience to drudge through 2 pages of threads addressing this matter.
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  1. I asked the same question and recieved no answer. I am about to just buy 2 XP's and a dual tyan tiger just for the hell of testing it!
  2. It has been done successfully, but people have been stuck with ones that don't work (talk to yahiko81). There are other threads about this that have more detailed information, you can search for them, if you want.

    If it doesn't work, you're stuck. If you get MPs, then AMD will replace them if they don't work.

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