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Okay, I heard thru friends that work at Gateway that WindowsXP home or pro will not run on any AMD processors (Athlon or Duron). There seem to be a lot of compatibility issues. Is this true? Thanks for the info!! :)
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  1. That really sounds obvious.. and thats probably why microsoft and AMD are promoting XP together..

    Dont believe everything you hear.

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  2. Microsoft ain't that stupid.

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  3. 100% not true AT ALL.....

    If it was AMD Incompatible than its also Intel Incompatible....
    it's called x86..

    Remember the days of Windows 95 ??
    Well if u had an AMD K6 MMX CPU in would read it as being a Pentium(r) Processor under Windows System....
    and it wasnt intel, but nevertheless, its x86....same instructions etc. so it cant just be INCOMPATIBLE unless they purposely wrote code that an Athlon ro Duron cannot execute which they would NOT do....especially considering Computer Companies like Compaq etc. sell system with the Duron/Athlon Processors WITH Windows XP, same with all the local shops in my area........

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  4. Different processors may have different errata. You're right in theory, but it isn't always that simple.
  5. I have two friends currently running XP Pro on Athlons, and it works great. I'm going to get it installed soon. God bless Morpheus- I mean, America.

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  6. That's BS! I've been running XP Pro on my Athlon 1.4 system for several weeks now. No problems.

    Where do these crap rumors come from? Intel's Secret Service?

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  7. Guys he's right you know. At gateway windows xp will not run on any amd processors.

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  8. did u really have to post eight times "no its not true"?!

    OK..WE GOT IT..

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  9. I didn't say it wasn't true. I said it was Gateway.

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