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Okay guys, got a bit of an odd question here. I've spent a long time searching the web for the answer and I can't seem to find it ...

Simply put, is there any way to run 2 active users on Windows 7 Home Premium? The program I am using requires that the user account it's active on remain fully active, but presently it's being deactivated due to the account it's active on "pausing" every time I swap to my second user account. Is there any way to disable this feature so that both accounts are run as active with full process activity regardless of whether the account is being accessed or not, or am I stuck dead in the water?

Just to answer a few questions before they're asked:

Yes I need to run two accounts simultaneously.
Yes I need to run this program on the secondary account, and no it cannot be activated on the active account.
No I do not have a second computer to run the program on (at least not one with a compatible OS, which I can't upgrade anyway).
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  1. There's no way to have two active user sessions in Windows 7 - it's either one or the other. If you want multiple user sessions you need to go to a server version of Windows.

    You can run a program under a different account, and if it has administrative access then it can open a window in another user's session. I haven't tried this myself with generic GUI programs but it works for Services so I don't see why it wouldn't work for them. Try starting the program using Task Scheduler - there you can specify which account is to be used and when the program should be started (at logon time, for example).

    I'd test shutdown scenarios to see how this acts before relying on it, though.
  2. Yeah, tried that already with zero success. Guess I'm just dead in the water then >.<

    Thanks anyway
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