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I ordered my wife an XPS 17, and due to some confusion on the phone with Dell, wound up inadvertently ordering an XPS 17 instead of the XPS 17 3D. I only learned today (item not yet shipped) that the XPS 17 3D has four DIMM slots, rather than the two in the unit I wound up getting her.


8gb PC10600 RAM
2 X 500gb 7200 RPM SATA II drives
NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M 3GB graphics card
Blu-Ray burner

Now, I have already ordered the OCZ Agility 3, 120gb SSD drive for OS and programs, and yes, the HD controller is SATA III.

My wife will be doing some video editing and we shoot 1080p.

My question: Will 8gb be sufficient, or do I bite the bullet, send it back (pay restocking) and spend yet more money to get the 3D version, which has four DIMM slots, and then put in 16gb? We are not doing this professionally, just the family videos.

The software she will use, at least initially, is Roxio Creator 2011.

It would cost $1,000 to send it back and upgrade...does not seem worth it...but if 8gb is truly insufficient, I'd like to know now before I open the box next week! I doubt if ReadyBoost would help...but is that an option, or making a larger page file on the SSD drive?

Thank you,
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    The specs look great and 8GB is more than enough for video editing so don't worry
  2. Sounds like a GREAT laptop and 8GB is more than enough .
  3. Thanks all for the reassurance. I could not have gotten her the color, "I'm really not a hook...I mean, waitress" in the 3D either. SSD arrived today, laptop delayed till 6/16/2011, her birthday 6/28. It'll all work out.

    Do any of you know if I might have problems with the preinstalled Office 2010 when I transfer to the SSD, or will I avoid that problem by cloning the drive before my first boot?

    Thank you again,
  4. I think you'll be fine transferring it to SSD.
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