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Over the last several weeks, when I start up my Acer Netbook with Windows 7 starter, the first screen with the enter password box is loading up about an inch too low. As a result every screen winds up being too low ant the bottom of every page gets cut off and I can't scroll all the way down.

At first I would get this problem every once in a while, now it is happening constantly. Once in a while it will start up in the right location

The people at Microsoft says it is a problem with the operating system and offered to fix it at a substantial cost since the warranty just expired, of course. I also chatted with the manufacturer who suggested the problem was (a) corrupt file(s). I listened to their suggested solution and formatted the hard drive back to factory default condition. for a minute it looked like I solved the problem as on the firs couple of start ups the problem was gone. But soon after attempting to restore my files the problem came back and I still have it.

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have, as this problem with the cut off screen is affecting my ability to work.

Eugene Waller
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  1. Hi. Update or reinstall the graphic drivers. You can also uninstall the current drivers, restart and they should be reinstalled when you reboot
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    Refresh rate could be out of sync with your video. It causes the video to be off center.

  3. You sir are a genius! After getting my new graphics card, my computer screen was off the center. Looked for answers, reformatted, installed and uninstalled graphic drivers a millions, did the whole nine yards; and walla, all I had to do was change the refresh rate! I have OCD so I didn't like having that thing off the hook on me. Every time I started the monitor...all I had to do was hit auto adjust...but didn't want that. I cannot thank you sir, mister, hero, king.... My OCD is good.

    Thanks dude.
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