Boot.ini need my window 7 choice back!


i know someone here might know how to fix my problem without messing up the whole thing...

here i go,

i have two partition, the c: and d: and i previously installed one window 7 os on both c: and d:, i had then the choice to chose between the two on the startup...

then what i did is restoring my c: drive to a image that didn't know it had another os on the d: so my os selection do not appear anymore on the startup screen...

is there any way to addup the choice to chose between the os on the c: and the os on the d: again via editing my current boot.ini?

Hope i made this clear enough :bounce:
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    The standard way is command line based using Bcdedit.exe

    I find it far easier to use a program called EasyBCD -

    The non-commercial version is free and there is plenty of documentation. This part being the main area to read -
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  3. solved it!

    This program make things much easyer that ever.

    thanks you!
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