How do I find Network Security Key

the list of my wireless network connections, is one called ''network''
withe a good signal on my pc, for video playback on a website.
I first need the [security key] to activate or lock, the network signal
on my pc .

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    If it's your own network, then you should be able to go to the computer the router is hooked up to and find it there. Emerald's link shows you how to if it isn't just on a program/dashboard somewhere.

    If this is someone else's network with a password on it you're trying to get into, then you don't. Go ask them if you can use their network. Trying to hack into someone else's internet is illegal.
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  3. Microsoft windows 7 got at least (10) wireless network connections asking for a
    (security key-pass phrase), even for a USB wireless network adapter.
    I use a USB broadband modem, to minimize going to a (DSL modem) and (Router).
    this was a attempt to enhance-(mbps) speed, for my pc's signal strength.

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