Windows Xp can't browse Workgrpoup

Help! Unable to browse WorkGroup When Using Xp!
ok, I have a linksys router, with a four port built in switch, I have three computers hooked up to the network, My server, wish is running windows 2000 pro, and my gamer computer, windows xp pro, and my laptop windows xp pro.

I am both fileshareing and sharing a printer on my server.

I use the workgroup, WORKGROUP, have all the computers using it.

I set up the xp computer up by using network setup wizard and used this computer connect to the internet through another computer on my network or through a residential gateway (my router)

I set up a user G0d on my windows 2000 pro server for the xp computers to use, with admin rights.

Call computers can access the net, and if I do map drive, and logon with another use, put in G0d and put in the perfect network path \\win2k\C or whatever it will map.

But I can not browse the network, when I try to expand WORKGROUP I get an error no rights.

Here is a pic of it Examples/cannotbrowse.JPG

and when I try to connect to the shared printer I have on my windows 2000 pro server I see nothing, and I can't browse.

It shows it on the windows 2000 pro server.

Please help.

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  1. the fix was

    from a prompt type
    on all computers
  2. I also have noticed that when you do a network setup it automatically enables the ms firewall. This will prevent you from surfing the network. If you go to properties and disable it will work... This is fine for me since I use a 3rd party firewall but I will check out your method as well =]
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