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I have a Acer aspire 5742 which i have replaced the hard drive on, i have the OE windows 7 installation discs from acer but they start to to load and after installation they windows symbol comes up and satys on the screen for 30 secs then disapears and i am left with a black screen and a moveable pointer, what am i doing wrong ?
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  1. The Acer disk probably requires the HDD recovery partition to work.

    Just download a legit full Windows 7 trial install image from DIGITAL RIVER and burn it to a DVD, install and then use your Acer key (off the sticker on your computer) to activate -- just make sure to get the same version, i.e. like Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit, as what you had on the machine.

    edit: also it is best to download the latest drivers from Acer for your model to use following the Windows install.
  2. Thanks Real beast,
    so its not the new hard drive that i have that is failing then?
    I dont understand why i need to download a trial version when i have the original discs from acer and all the driver disks as well?
  3. I'm thinking that it is probably not the hard drive, but the only way to be sure is to use a new installer disk.

    I can't be sure since I can't actually look at the disks' contents, but unless you paid extra the disks you get are just restore disks that require an intact hard drive restore partition. If you download the image and burn it to a DVD you know that you have the full installer in SP1 of the same version that you had installed.

    The original driver disks probably have old drivers, and you should always use the latest.
  4. The disks i have are direct from acer and i paid £55.00 for them. 5discs in total
    1.W7HP64 (SP1) Bootable (UMA)
    2.W7HP64 BASE (3 DISCS)
    3.Language pack (ENGB)
  5. The Windows install disk is a single DVD, so you no idea why you need so many disks. But do download the latest drivers, anything on disk is usually old.
  6. Ok downloaded the install disc you reccomended and loaded it to laptop but unfortunately i got the same outcome which is when the download has completed the screen goes black and i get a white pointer ?
  7. Download, burn to CD and boot from MEMTEST. That will check your memory but also requires the CPU/motherboard to be working properly, it's a simple test and it is freeware.

    What brand and model hard drive did you get as the replacement? That will be the next thing to test and it depends on the brand for what test software is best.
  8. Which one should i download ?
  9. The v 4.20 "Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)" is the easiest, just unzip it and then burn to a CD with ImgBurn or whatever you burn CD images with.
  10. OK done that but it doesnt load when i start the laptop up ??
  11. You need to hit the correct F key to boot from CD, or change your bios boot order.
  12. Changed BIOS order and still has no effect. I even put the old HD back in the Laptop and retried. bizzarly it started to work but then just kept coming up with errors. Iam losing the will to live with this thing and might have to bite the bullet and get someone to look at it for me : (
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