OS System will not install

I have tried installing several different OS systems on my computer but none of them seem to be installing, in the past i have had Linux Mint 14 installed.
My computers specs are as follows:
Brand - VIBOX
Processor - Intel Pentium running at 2.7ghz
Hard drive -1000GB HDD 7200rpm
and a 2GB graphics card
When i try and boot without any boot media connected it comes up with BOOTMGR is missing ctrl + alt +delete to restart

When i try to boot from a windows 7 iso on a pen drive ( i have legit codes just misplaced the cd) it stops the installation at about 37% and then proceeds to turn itself off

When i try and Install Ubunto 12.10 from a pen drive it takes me to the purple install screen then comes up with a load of stuff including the following: Kernel Panic - not syncing :VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0) and does not install.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Check the HDD for errors. That would be the first suspect in my opinion.
  2. also check that the ram is seated.
  3. I have just checked and the ram is correctly seated, i have formatted the HDD several times, but am unsure on how to check it for errors without an OS
  4. I notice you are installing both from a pen drive. Is this the same pen drive each time? Possible the pen drive is faulty?

    I would definitely run some hard drive and RAM diagnostics too.
  5. I have tried installing both OS from different CD's burning at 2x speed, i have currently using a pen drive as it is easier to reformat, and i will look into the diagnostics
  6. For memory diagnostics use MemTest86+ - http://www.memtest.org/#downiso

    For hard drive diagnostics just use Windows CHKDSK from the DVD - https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=6565
    This guide is Vista, but it's exactly the same procedure
  7. Ok thanks
  8. I have installed an alternate hdd from an old laptop and it appears to be running fine, guess i should get the original replaced, thanks for all the help
  9. ok the new hdd is now coming up with the same problem, and the memory test has come back fine
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