Spend money now or later?

I am a college student with mere $6000 (and rapidly decreasing! >:) in the bank looking to upgrade my 3-year old P2 450, which means I can barely dish out a grand or less for a new system and I want to get the most bang for the buck.

My initial choice was to go with the Althon XP 1800, ECS SiS735 chip mobo, 60GB HD, new case, plextor CD-R, cruical 256 or 512mb RAM, heatsink&fans&whatnot for around $770, and I'll just move my old system's GeForce2 Pro and Monstersound MX300 card over.

But to me, Althon XP 1800+ is only a tad faster than TB1.4, with overclocking, their speed will not matter with only slight difference in performance.

So: TB1.4 + ECS mobo for $100 less? Then upgrade about 15 months later?

Or, stick with all speed: XP 1800+ and a VIA266a for 2 perhaps 2½ years? $50 more?

Or, somewhere in between, overclocked TB1.4 and VIA266a? for $50 less?

Well, perhaps I am stepping over myself, but I want as much juice I can squeeze out of a system before it retires. It doesn't take long for the fastest drop down to slowest, with next generation AMD CPUs and nVidia's nForce board coming out of the door, I never felt so poor......
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  1. hey, u have a good pc, stick to it for 2 more years!
    u have good c3D card for games , run every thing well, and CD rw ,that what any body need in his pc !!
    why heart the enviroment with more trach
  2. To field your question:

    Nforce doesn't look too promising right now.
    Kt266a is a good chipset (better than sis735) but there are very few boards (and fewer good boards) out.
    XP is better than Tbird and can be overclocked quite a bit more, since it releases less heat.

    So XP+Kt266a is good-- but watch what mobo you get. Go with something reliable (e.g. Asus is releasing a new mobo witch should ship by Nov 1). Also the cooling system is a very important factor, my recommendation: Alpha PAL8045 :)

    Now as a college student i can understand your money problems. You have two options:
    1) get a cushy no-work half-arsed job like mine :)
    2) go without

    in light of option number two i would like to say that the XP will last you a lot longer than the Tbird because of the fact that the XP has SSE whereas the Tbird does not. And again i would like to say that the Kt266a will probably last longer than the Sis735.

    :eek: <font color=blue>I for one run Quake 3 on a P133(No MMX)</font color=blue>I have no affiliatioin w/ Intel
  3. I wouldn't touch a new product from a historically bad company like VIA. So unless you want to wait a LONG time for verification (it took MONTHS for anyone to admit anything was wrong with their last one). Besides, the latest test shows the SiS 735 at LEAST matching if not beeting the KT266A using a Leadtek designed board. Since your system is working right now, I suggest you wait and see what devleops on the SiS 735 front, and maybe you'll actually see the nForce hit the market before Christmas to give you even more choices.

    Back to you Tom...
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