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How to fix bios passw

How can i clear the BIOS password of a Toshiba laptop, for which i have forgotten the password.
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    Contact Toshiba and be prepared to show proof of ownership.

    No one here can help you as we can't verify that you are the rightful owner of the laptop.
  2. ^^ this.
    Besides, asking for password-cracking advice here on Tom's is an exercise in futility. We have encountered pretty much every story available out there, from blunt requests to sob dramas. Same thing: it is against the rules.
    IF your story is legit, get some help from the manufacturer or a specialized store. Otherwise... return the darn thing to it's owner.
  3. Short and to the point. and sorry to say the truth.
    If it seems a bit harsh it`s not meant to be and no offence to yourself at all from anyone here. Emmanuel. So sorry.
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  5. i am a computer technician so i have this problem brought to me by the clean, what do i do to solve the problem
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