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Yeasterday i made a post about my plans to upgrade. I would like to thank Rob and the other guy for their replys. Answering Rob's question, my current configurantion is:

CPU - Celeron 300A
Motherboard - Gigabyte 6BX
RAM - 128 Mb 100 Mhz
Graphics Card - Riva TNT 16 Mb
Sound Card - Creative Sound Bastler 16 bits
Hard Drive - Quantum 5Gb UDMA 33
Case - Mid Tower ATX Enlight with 230W power supply
Cd Drive - Old Cd Rom Drive, maybe 20x
Monitor - 17" Samtron (best thing that i have)
Modem - 2 analogic modems (33K and 56K) - looking for cable
Other - 2 stereo speakers

I'm trying a shot at building my own computer, but i don't like prices here in Portugal, so i would like some help about links where i can buy in Europe or America, that make international shipments and acept Visa payments.

As i said in my last post, i'm thinking in a AMD Athlon XP because it's more afordable then PIV. I thought that buying a retail box would be a good choice to avoid cooling problems.
My choice in motherboard would be one with new chipset Via KT266A (great reviews), but i've heard that could be compabilitie problems. :-(
Well i definetely need a new power supply (300W or 350W), but i think my case is good, should i get another heatsink for the bottom front of my case too?
For memory i would like DDR2100, but i don't know about the brand, i've heard great things of Kingston, but it's costy too, there is Crucial also, but i don't know if they deliver in Portugal...
Maybe i should get a new graphics card (Geforce2 to be more cheap) and a new hard drive (20 Gb UDMA 100 - 7200 rpm - 2Mb cache).

Thanks to all for you help.

Have a good Weekend.

Nuno Amaral
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  1. Check out the Price Guide on Toms Hardware, and you can probably find some places that ship internationaly. Unfortunately, many online stores only ship in North America, at least the one's I've seen.

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  2. u do know that if u have a problam with your hardware u will have to send it back abroad?

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