how i can upgrade ? i have 450mhz 96mb only ? help

Hello.. is my first time here and first to try to upgrade i dying to make this computer little faster but i dont know what to do i have HEWLETT PACKARD P3 450mhz 96mb 20gb hard drive what more i need to know to upgrade ? what i need to buy to make my computer faster ? what parts ? or ho wabout overclocking how is that ? and mb ? i also want a video card cause mine is bad and i love games im a GAMER with bad card and bad computer... but i got PS2 im a console GAMER some1 help me plz thanks.........
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  1. Overclocking= no go on that machine. besides, a P3-450 wont often be pushed far beyond 500 Mhz, so safe yourselve that trouble.

    UPgrading ? Depends. OEM machines, like HP, have a nasty habbit of having non standard components, that often cannot be upgraded. It could be you could use a slotket or something, and buy a P3-1 ghz or even a Tualatin 1.2+ if you have money to burn. But then again, maybe not. Start by giving us the EXACT model of your PC.

    UPgrading your cpu wont be much use if your videocard cannot be upgraded. Check your manual. Do you have onboard VGA or a seperate AGP card ? If its onboard, check if you can disable it. If upgrading your video is not possible, dont even bother. Sell the machine, and buy something new (and no OEM next time, if you want maximum flexibility).

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  2. Most HPs are OEM, and I've found that they are quite stringent on not being modified from their origional setup. Hopefully, you have some components that are not OEM or imbedded (Sound Card, Memory).

    So, you would need to get...
    A new Case
    A New Motherboard
    New CPU
    Possibly new memory
    New Video Card
    Possibly New Sound Card (Could come with new MB though)

    THis can run you anywhere from 300-800, depending on what you want and are willing to spend

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  3. Quote:
    Most HPs are OEM

    HP is, by definition, an OEM.

    The best course of action would be to get a P3 slot (around 800?). That'll run you just under $100, I think.
    You should be able to upgrade your RAM to 256, which'll help out a bunch. Check your motherboard for an AGP slot. Most likely you don't have one, but it's important to know. Either way, I'd advise on getting a Radeon. Crash can advise you which one would be best for the $.

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  4. Look at your motherboard. It is most likely a slightly modified Asus unit. Get me the name off the motherboard usually silkscreened between some slots. And give me the model number of the computer itself. I'll get you the information the HP might not want you to know.

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  5. You sound like a tabloid. "The information HP doesn't want you to know!"

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  6. I'm writing a book: "Computers, what companies don't want you to know". If your interested, it will go for around $29 and contain all the information I have placed in this forum.

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  7. Considering all the informaation that you have posted that is a deal.
    Oh by the way thanks for the aureal sound card info I looked up this morning. Alittle searching and there it was ,posted by Crashman,answering someone elses problem.Fixed mine too!!!!! THANKS

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  8. hey thanks all you people alot for helping me.CRASHMAN then u think u can help me ? i really want to know more about computer but i dont know how i never taked any computer school,oh and you want my HP model number here: is HP pavilion 8570c <---thats it ,and yeah i think i have agp slot i have a video card: rage Pro turbo 8mb agp 2x and how i know if is onboard ? im going to open my computer then if i see the card apart ok ? ?!?!?!?
  9. Oh and whats (OEM) mean ? ?!? what exacly mean (cpu) <- computer ??? i need to find something where i can read about computers to what mean each thing i hear MOBO in graphic card part still dont know whats that if soe1 can explain to me thanks ...
  10. You probably have some variation of the P2B motherboard. The P2Z series is similar but uses a ZX instead of BX chipset. For your purposes the only practicle difference between them is the ZX has a 512MB memory limit.
    HP claims Coppermine CPU's won't work. Asus claims they will. You would need Asus's BIOS to do it.
    Most HP boards had some kind of onboard video. You can open it up and look inside, or simply look on the back. If hte video connector is grouped with the rest o fthe connectors (under the Printer connector) it has to be onboard. If the video connector is in a slot, it's probably an AGP card. But you should open it up anyway, simply so that you can see if it has removable BIOS and verify the model number. Since the ZX and BX are intercahnagable, and HP orders customized boards, even if it says P2B it could still have been custom made on the P2B board with the ZX intead (I have seen this done before). So look at the northbridge, thats the main chip under the CPU heatsink on the board, and look for the last two letters on the first line to find out.
    If you have removable BIOS it can prbably be replaced with an Asus BIOS. Unfortunately for you, HP ordered their boards with the overclocking jumpers eliminated, so it will be difficult to go beyond 100MHz FSB without a program such as CPUSPEED or SoftFSB.
    OEM means Original Equipement Manufacturer, and refers to parts made for assemblers instead of retail sales.

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  11. Your welcome, glad I could rescue another potential SB victim before the thugs at Creative could get to you.

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  12. OK crashman thanks alot tomorrow im going to look int he back cause is night now im going to try to see all i know..and then i tell u what i have ok .. talk more tomorrow see ya
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