compag p5300usa mini tower-Celeron1.1GHz-Any Good?

Compaq Presario 5300US Minitower Intel® Celeron™ Processor 1.1GHz
256MB RAM, 20GB Hard Drive, 40X CD-Rom Drive, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition FOR( $569.97 )<---- is that any good or there are other better price computer than this to get ?

Processor Class: Intel® Celeron™ Processor
Processor Speed: 1.1 GHz
Bus Speed: 100 MHz
Cache Size: 128 KB
Memory Speed: PC133
Memory Technology: SDRAM
Installed Memory: 256 MB
Maximum Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive Capacity: 20 GB
Drive Controllers: IDE (Ultra ATA/DMA)
CD-ROM Read Speed: 40 X
Sound Support: 3D Audio
Video Bus: AGP (Version Unspecified)
Video Integration: Motherboard
Shared Video RAM (Max): 8 MB
Monitor Included: No
Connectors: Video - 15 pin High-Density D-shell (VGA)
Serial - 9 pin D-shell (EIA 574/232)
Serial - RJ11 Modular (Phone/Telco)
USB - Universal Serial Bus "A"
Keyboard - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2)
Mouse - 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2)
Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A)
Audio - Line In (1/8" Mini)
Audio - Line Out (1/8" Mini)
Audio - Microphone In (1/8" Mini)
AGP Slots: 1
PCI Slots: 3
Slots Notes: 1 AGP and 2 PCI open

Included Drives: 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Hard Drive
Modem Speed: 56 Kbps
Input Devices: Keyboard
Installed Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Chassis Color: Grey
Chassis Style: Tower (Mini)
Height: 17.0 in
Width: 8.9 in
Depth: 17.0 in
Weight: 25.5 lbs
Base Warranty: 1 Year (12 Months)
Warranty Information: Limited

I See this at COMPUSA.COM Is that price for that computer any good ? or there are other better prices than this one ?and im getting GEFORCE2 TI for $127 i think thats the lowest prices i have see online im going for it !!!
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  1. I'd recommend against buying any pre-built computer. Building your own is always cheaper and better (more choice of components), and as mbaha says, "You'll love it more". That is certainly true.
    The only disadvantage is that you won't get Windows XP included with it.

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  2. COol FATBURGER but the problem is how i start building a computer ?!? and how much will cost me all ? i want something good but no the best ,like 1.0ghz is fine to me or 1.2 whatever is good and i found the video card so all i need are the others parts i have no idea what is and where get it !! thats the help i need !! and yeah will be very fun make my own computer thats great i feel making my own computer happy ... i wanna do it BUT HOW ?
  3. That comp will suck. Build your own. For $500 u can get so much better if u build.

    U got a problem?! Then dial 1800-328-7448!
  4. If you can't build your own, then at the very least, don't get a Compaq. I support them all day at work, and they suck. If I had a nickel for every time I replaced a bad video card on these pieces of crap, I could retire.

    Although Dell isn't a very popular computer maker on this forum, I actually recommend Dell computers, with Micron as second. You might spend a little more, but a Dell is a lot more reliable.

    Your other option is to have someone you know build you a computer. As long as you trust that person, anyway. (I've known some people who will build their best friends a pile of crap just to make a buck...)
  5. Integrated video sux. Are you sure it has an AGP slot?
    I would rather recommend a Dell with an AGP slot. Most cheap Dell's come with the 810 chipset which doesn't support one, but if you order one the right way you might end up with a deal.

    Back to you Tom...
  6. Don't build your own computer if you don't know how.

    What I recommend, go to one of those mom and pop computer stores, give them a list of the exact components you want, and they will build that system for you. There will be a charge obviously for building the system (this honestly doesn't take longer than 2 hours to do) and configuring it, but it is worth it... you don't want to know what happens if you don't correctly install a fan/heatsink on certain types of cpu's :) Just make sure they offer a good warrenty. You should be able to get a system alot better than the compaq for a lower price.

    Just something to add: dells are the best prebuilt systems I have used. Compaqs are the worst. If you really want a prebuilt system, go with dell, and I'm not saying this because I hate amd cpu's, I have just had the best luck working with dells.

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  7. I'm a custom builder, list your favorite parts and I'll do it for you for a small deposit (pay the rest by COD when it arives).

    Back to you Tom...
  8. crashman you build computers ? how much will cost me a good computer i dont want the best out but something good yeah how much will cost all parts and how much will cost u to make build it just want to know how much cause i dont have money to buy anything more than $500 but maybe i can get it if is any good and whats COD ? and how u can send it to me and how i pay you ?
  9. COD is Cash On Delivery, when you give the UPS guy a money order and he gives you the package. You can even check the contents before you accept it.

    Bang for the buck, I'm recommending an ECS K7S5A motherboard, 1.4GHz Athlon, GeForce2 MX 400, an Aureal SQ1500 chip Souncard w/Modem (great 3D audio from 2 speakers, these are inexpensive but hard to find!), Win98SE (I don't like XP yet), a 40GB 7200RPM drive, a cheap case, and a reasonably good 300W power supply. Oh, and 512Mb PC2100. I'm fussy about CD-ROMs but my list of acceptable units is fairly large. I'll just slap on $75 for my services, plus shipping. If your interested let me know.

    Back to you Tom...
  10. yes i am interested,but i dont have a job all the money i got right now is $300 and im buying a GF2 TI video card i really want it,and how about if u no add the video card MX400 ? andi install the gf2 ti here ? oh and i have Win98SE cd here,in this computer i have CD rom 32x and a cd writter, i can use this for that computer right? but i dont have DVD rom are dvd any good for computers? so how much will cost me all with the $75 from u to building and shipping all that ? i just need to know to be sure if i can decide cause i cant buy right now ,no money al i got is $300. and the way to get the computer is YOU send it to a USP right? and then i go there see the computer and give then the money order and take the computer thats all ? thats great just tell me a price to start thinking cause i need to found a way to get more money and i dont see it right now lol . oh and the 2 speakers too ? caue i got 2 here already if that can cost me more i dont want to get it. u have other way to talk like AIM,msn mensager,icq any other ?
  11. Quote:
    go to one of those mom and pop computer stores, give them a list of the exact components you want, and they will build that system for you

    Proof that even trolls can come up with good ideas :)

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  12. I'm too busy for messanger services.
    K7S5A $65
    1.4GHz $110
    40GB $130
    Heatsink $12
    512MB PC2100 $130
    Your already over $300.

    Back to you Tom...
  13. Hey FATburger were are does mom pop you are talking ? i dont know any here i live in MIAMI ?! how does places looks like ? Oh and crashman that price is great will be $522 all that right? but i have ti think more i dont have money for that right now and i dont like buy thing online much i try it time ago some people lie alot thats the big problem .maybe i want ot go check amom pop does places fatburger talking about... cause if in a long time i want to buy i liketo buy cheap . but i still thinking to build 1 by my self .i dont think that will be so hard all is just installs the cable is right places all the stuff then ? do i need a cd to install all or just install all the parts only then need windows 98se and thats it? i really want to do it cause i can buy a part today,then other the other month like that so i can get al parts slowly. can u explaint to me a little about that ? or thereis a site tell u all u can do to build computers, what about parts where can i buy it ? !!!
  14. I don't know of anyone in these forums that lives in Miami, and since I don't, I can't tell you where to go. I'd suggest going to Yahoo and looking at their listings for your area. I got you <A HREF="" target="_new">started</A>, but I can't get any more specific, since I don't know where in Miami you are, and I obviously don't know the individual stores.

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  15. I would get most of my parts from, the memory from Crucial, the rest from stock.

    Back to you Tom...
  16. yeah thanks again all . im going to try that yahoo and but is there a site to tell me all the parts i need to buy to building a computer ? and explain little how to install all ? there must be a site but where !?
  17. Tom did a buildup at:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Follow all the pages but ignore his hardware recommendations and processor modification as that was put together almost a year ago.
    Remember that the ECS K7S5A is the best value and a top performer in motherboards.

    Back to you Tom...
  18. ok there im going to try that then ECS K7S5A best board for a cheap price okthen i need to look up to ECS K7S5A board buy it then other parts like that ok
  19. Yes, I think newegg has the best parts selection for the price.

    Back to you Tom...
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