My comp AGP slot ?! crashman canu help me in this?

Im about to get a hammer and start hitting my computet till brake in pieces...hey CRASHman or any else who can help me on this im going to tell all i see in my computer if u people can help me and tell me whats the AGP SLOT ok PLEASEEE i need to know !! i cant wait more or im going to die without playing games --------

i have Pentium 3 -450mhz-96mb-19gb hd---ok here:

this is all i see plz read this and tell me if 1 of does are AGP slot:i have 7 alot in the back of my computer:!!
1-slot have microphone card and dont see the slot inside and i dont see the slot where the other cards go installed this 1 is the first but is no installed that way..

2-empty slot looks BLACK and small than the others!!

3-Slot with a card where i connect my phone line and is Sound card too so i think is combo sound and modem card no sure about that sound card is riptide,and what i have is 56k modem rockwell and both are in same card i think!!

4-empty Slot looks white bigger than the 2 slot same as the 3 where the combo card is installed !!

5-slot same as 3,4 white same size with ethenet card 10/100 installed...

6-another like 3,4,5 Empty...

7-Empty Slot BLACK and more BIG than the others almost twice the size of the 3,4,5,6

oh and the microphone card have a sound cable from sound card to microphone card...

well thats all i see of SLOT iand i have no idea whats the AGP SLOT IF SOME 1 can help me on this thanks alot in advance ... i really cant wait to know what i have ,i have days talking online to friends about to buy a card and i cant wait naymore to get it .. im DAMN MAD i cant buy it yet... this is killing me i needd help people PLZ....
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  1. Any P3 M/B is pretty much gauranteed to have an AGP slot, unless it's one of those really weird Packard Bells, or something. I'm guessing from your description that the slot you called "2" is your AGP slot.

    If your really scared then buy an AGP card at CompUSA, or some other place you can return it to if it doesn't fit.

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  2. Slots 3 to 6 will be your PCI slots.
    Slot 7 will be your AGP, and it should be the ONLY one that an AGP graphics card will fit into. What exactly is the motherboard?

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  3. i dont know what exactly is my mother board where can i see ? i have hewlett packard im no sure where to see mother board names or osmething like that then the VIDEO CARDS go in the big slot ? or the 2 slot well if the card can go in 2 slot i try 7 but 2 slot is small and BROWN
  4. well, if you have a 450 MHz P-III, you are most likely to have a 440ZX or BX chipset or compatible one. It has to have a AGP slot. Or if it is a newer board for a older processor (many board replacements keep their processors) it might be a i810 which doesnt have a AGP slot at all!

    Anyway here is how you get to the AGP slot:

    keep the board vertical in front of you, with the keyboard connector horizontal on your upper left.

    A single slot which is different from all other slots, which is usually brown in colour and which is farthest from the edge of the board is the AGP slot!

    here is a map, may not be too accurate, but hope you get the idea.


    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|============
    <b>:</b>| <font color=green><--- keyboard connector</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|  <font color=purple>-- -</font color=purple>  <font color=green><--- AGP slot (brown)</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|<font color=white><b>--- -</b></font color=white> <font color=green>\</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|<font color=white><b>--- -</b></font color=white> <font color=green><--- PCI slots (white)</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|<font color=white><b>--- -</b></font color=white> <font color=green>/</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|---- -- <font color=green>\</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|---- -- <font color=green><--- ISA slots (black)</font color=green>
    <font color=white>.</font color=white>|==========


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  5. whats the ISA SLOT BLACK ? what means ISA ? thanks for that help then the brown is the agp slot finally GREAT im getting the video card GF2 TI tomorrow maybe i get it friday cause im going to roder online 2 day air !!
  6. Gf2 ti is a decent video card, the 450 may hold you back a bit, but it should be quite the upgrade from whatever torture came with that machine you have now.

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  7. PC motherboards can have a number of expansion slots:
    <b>ISA:</b> Industry Standard Association expansion slot.
    They used to be 8 bit but were soon expanded to 16 bit which you fing even today. They run at 8~12 MHz.
    <b>PCI:</b> Peripheral Component Interconnect
    As the ISA bandwidth couldnt be enough for faster devices, the PCI slots were devised, which initially were 32 bit and ran at 33 MHz. Later the standard was revised to support low voltage cards using 3.3V, and working at 66 MHz on 64 bit bus. 64 bit PCI is expensive so you find it only in high end server class motherboards.
    <b>AGP:</b> Accelerated Graphics Port
    The AGP slot is a specialised and dedicated slot for graphics operation, while the PCI and ISA slots were general purpose expansion slots. It is backward compatible with PCI (just on interface level its a completely different slot physically) 32 bits wide and operates at 66 MHz.
    <b>AMR and CNR:</b> Audio Modem Riser and Communications and Network Riser
    They are fast becoming obsolete, most of us who had them dont really know what they are for! They are supposed to host low cost audio and communication devices but you dont find any of them easily.

    The GF2 is a AGP4X card which isnt supported by your board, but it will work at AGP2X which is still better than most of the older 2X cards!


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  8. Hold on a minute boys, if its an Hp and its a couple of years old it probably does not have an AGP slot, if it does it will be the brown slot, the blacks are ISA and the whites are PCI.

    You`ll get nothing and like it.
  9. Don't forget ACR (Advanced Communications Riser). Very rare.
    Kudos for the diagram, BTW.

    I agree with TWC, chances are there is no AGP slot. As long as there is an offset brown one between the CPU and PCI slots (like in Girish's diagram), then it's going to be AGP.

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  10. thanks, so the diagram does its job!?

    Why do we have to have such riser slots which never could posibly have a card in them?

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  11. Yeup, the diagram ruled :)

    The riser slots are (I think) for OEMs mostly. I don't know why they're on non-OEM boards, but that's the only use I can think of. OEM and certain bare-bones systems have AMR, CNR and ACR cards.

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  12. this is getting bad to me each time damn... now i have AGP2x i think thats true i see my RAGE PRO TURBO use 8mb agp2x but im getting the gf2 ti anyway ,then if i get other computer i can change it to the other right ? i need to find a way to buy parts cheap and good ocmputer i want to try to build 1 by my self i cant wait ... thanks people for the help
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