THG CPU Heat Test: Critical Analysis

Hi guys, it may be pretty late but i was waiting for some data.

You must have seen the THG CPU overheating video. Me too. I noticed something amiss which many of you might have.

Here is a detailed report on the test. Some questions are raised by the test as some are answered well. Just an attempt to go further with such tests.

<A HREF="" target="_new">The THG CPU Overheat Test: A Critical Analysis</A>

Hope this does not create another flame thread, please try to find answers for the questions raised in the article.


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  1. I do believe this has already been argued ad nauseum. To sum up, the temperature readings from the probe were measuring temperatures on the surface of the core for tha Athlon and on the surface of the heat-spreader for the Pentium 4. This is one reason for having such low temperature readings for the Pentium 4. As far as the white area on the Athlon processor, this is clearly thermal paste. It was likely spread as the heatsink was jiggled sideways in an attempt to remove it.

    Anyway, this is all I am going to put into this discussion. In my opinion, the TTL on this has already expired. It was a fun video to watch, but had no technical merit.


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  2. I agree with Raystonn, this has been talked to death.

    That said, you provided a very well thought out and presented article. It was a good read.

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  3. nice report you have turned in, you get an A. but why don't you show this to AMD and have them give you a free AXP setup(maybe you don't have to pick it up a 6am)and then you can test and videotape it like THG did.

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